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Wellness Physiotherapy Coimbatore, we help you to optimise your performance and to get you moving well so that you can overcome your condition as fast and effectively as possible. We want to ease your pain and help to make sure that your recovery is successful. Ultimately We improve the quality of life..

Postural Training

Analysis of the body’s posture to identify areas of imbalance and inordinate stress, possibly contributing to a person’s chronic pain or functional impairment. We use corrective measures to restore proper alignment of the musculoskeletal system to reduce undue stress and strain.

Body Mechanics/Ergonomics

This is the way we sit, stand, bend, lift, push and generally position our body to perform simple or complex physical tasks, during regular activities of daily living [ADL’s] or within the worksite environment. Physical therapists are trained to understand proper movement techniques and identify incorrect techniques, with the goal of correction to a more efficient and productive movement model. We utilize our education skills, teaching corrective and proper technique, sometimes our manual skills to correct certain body impediments to proper mobility and corrective exercise to strengthen and fortify those body areas necessary for long term effectiveness.

Conditions treated with physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a beneficial and effective treatment for many conditions involving chronic or acute pain and mobility problems. Physiotherapy can help to treat headaches, back conditions, neck problems, hypermobility, knee and ankle pain along with other pains and injuries related to the joints and muscles.


We offer a range of health and wellbeing classes led by our physiotherapists and fitness experts. Classes in Crowborough Classes in Seaford

All of our Physiotherapists are Members are registered member and attend regular training and development activities to ensure current evidence-based practice.

Our Team

  • A leading female physiotherapist, Completed her Bachelor of physiotherapy(B.P.T) in Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Paramedical sciences, in the year of 2011. Practicing her profession with 2 branches of physiotherapy clinics in the name of Wellness Physiotherapy clinic, Sai baba colony and Saravanampatty, Coimbatore. Also runs a fitness center in the name of wellness fitness studio.
  • She believes “Hands are the best tools to diagnose and treat”.
  • Having the passion to treat physical and mental pains without drugs.
  • With her unique tag line “Freedom from Pain”, Treated more than 3000 plus patients and having 16 + years of experience in treating orthopedic patients with Manual therapy techniques.
  • With her passion towards updating herself, she has successfully completed more than 15 types of advanced physiotherapy workshops and trainings which consists of 300 hours of credit scores. These techniques help her to treat the patients with an integrated approach towards their ailment and get them recovered.
  • Her Patients believes that “Her Magic hands” does wonders.


  • She ensures to give the faster recovery with less number of visits, most of the patients recovered in a session.
  • She was the first female Manual therapy practitioner and also First female physiotherapist received licensure in Dry needling in Coimbatore region .
  • She is one of the top 20 “Kinergetics Practitioner” in INDIA, particularly the only person in South India. This unique therapy will help people to recover from Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Phobia, Allergies and emotional trauma without drugs and counselling.
  • She is the one and the only physiotherapist treat emotional problems ,sleeplessness and infertility with out drugs.
  • She is the Proud Member of Business Networking International, a business referral organization which runs on 117 countries around the world.
  • She is one of the regular guest speaker in many social and business forums.
  • Having the passion to treat physical and mental pains without drugs.



  • KAVIN:

    I had a Knee Pain for the 3-4 years, I went and seen almost all types of treatment. I am about to opt-In for a surgery.At this time, One of my friend referred Dr.Kalaivani , wellness physiotherapy at Saibaba colony. I went and consulted ,she asked all my history right from the school days and finally identify the cause of my pain.

    she treated with passion and gave right exercises and guidance, within a week ,I almost Ready.

    For my personal satisfaction ,once in six months, i am visiting wellness.

    Thank you WELLNESS and Dr.Kalaivani.

  • Subash Natarajan:

    I am really satisfied with the treatment. I have visited for my neck pain problem which was bothering me for almost 3months. I was literally surprised that in a day and two I. Slowly recovering from pain which shows the quality of the treatment.

    They try find out the complete route cause of my problem and had given the appropriate treatment.

    I will strongly recommended for anyone who really needs a friendly environment and joyful treatment to free from pain soon


    I had a severe back pain and after undergoing 7sessions now I feel completely cured.I would strongly recommend this place.Dr.Kalaivani,Dr.Mennan and Dr Swetha all are too good and I would recommend them.


    I had a hip pain for past 3 weeks,due to that I can't even climb stairs. one of my friend referred to wellness clinic and after just one day of treatment I had a immediate relief on my hip pain.
    After one week of treatment I can able to climb stairs without pain
    Its all Thanks to Dr. Kaliavani and team ...

  • I am nshanth i came for shoulder pain.Patients are handled with good care. Great physio options are available .My shoulder pain is reducing gradually with their treatment. Dry needling is also available here, it  eases the pain and  gives mobility around my shoulder . Must visit place if you have acute or chronic  pain in your muscles.

  • I had a severe shoulder pain and can't move my fingers of my right hand after a car accident for past several months. I  had contacted wellness physiotherapy clinic for house visit.
    Therapist had reached my home in few minutes and treated my condition. After few days I can able to lift my shoulder without struggling and move my fingers. It's all thanks to Dr.kalivani for quick response and instantaneous relief

  • I Am abi....I had ankle pain for past few years.....when I walk for long period my ankle get twist and I cont able to initiate my steps,finally I just came to know about wellness physio clinic when I walk in. .i had no hope because of past bad experiences then 2 setting I had good improvement they did facial manipulation the outcomes was just amazing for me...now I can walk for prolong period without pain am happy with the treatment and care,thank you so much wellness

  • I came with severe back pain , am unable to stand for more than 5 min, Dr.Rajan sir referred me to wellness physio clinic taken 6 session of physiotherapy treatment they are very friendly, good hospitality, i strongly recommend you for this clinic for your pain. Kalaivani mam Rajesh, mennan, swetha and joisy helped me a lot...Thanks to wellness clinic
  • Patients are handled with good care. Great physio options are available .My shoulder pain is reducing gradually with their treatment. Dry needling is also available here, it eases the pain and gives mobility around my shoulder . Must visit place if you have acute or chronic pain in your muscles.
  • PA pain(shoulder pain) had been cured within 6days...And they given home exercise for 2weeks now it's completely cure by their treatment.. Excellent way of treatment are given by this clinic..
  • I had a severe knee pain...I could not climb the stairs nd not able stand more than 10 min... I came to wellness physiotherapy...There I took only 4 seatings...the pain has completely cured...I cannot believe but now I m totally free from pain...I feel very much happy...I can able to do my work properly and very active...so thanks to Dr.kalaivan

    Priya Dharshini

  • Wellness Physiotherapy is amazing! I had been dealing with a lot of pain in my clavicle area for a little over a year. Multiple visits to orthopedic surgeons did nothing to help, nor did massage therapy. A friend of mine recommended wellness Physiotherapy and I’m glad she did! After the first treatment ,I was already feeling drastically better, and after a couple of treatments I am now 100% pain free in my clavicle! I even went back to get some help with a back issue that is now resolved. I have since referred two of my friends, both of whom have had the same great results. The therapists at wellness Physiotherapy are professional, thorough, and genuinely caring in their approach. I can recommend them to anyone suffering from pain…you will get freedom from pain....they are amazing!

  • "I thank Dr.R.Kalaivani because my daughter aged 3 years had trigger finger. I took her to all ortho doctors and they suggested to do small operation. I heard about Dr.Kalaivani and went to her and she gave best treatment to her and recovered in 20 days. I really thank her for treating my daughter"

    - alagu

  • "Diabetic for the past 4 years was under medication. I had shoulder pain for the past 2 years; I had difficulties to comb my hair, difficulty to take the things from top shelf. I was diagnosed as frozen shoulder and having tried so many medication and physiotherapy treatments, my condition was not improved. Finally doctors advised me to take corticosteroid injection. My friend referred me to WELLNESS PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC. After the course of treatment, with dry needling therapy and mobilization techniques, I can do my normal activities like combing, dressing as like before.Thanks to WELLNESS CLINIC."

    - Preethi

  • "I was suffering from back pain for the last 5 years and taken treatment from various doctors. Dr.R.Kalaivani thoroughly assessed me and listened to my lifestyle activities. Finally she concluded that my pain is very much related with my improper posture and my job. Without identifying and attending this issue, my pain used to resolve temporarily and relapse after few days. But right now after her treatment and advice, I am completely alright and I strongly recommend anybody suffering from back pain, neck pain, knee pain etc to contact her at least before going for surgery"

    - Nisha



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